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May Announcements - Important.

Rivers for Change – Fund Raiser

Friends, keep in the back of your mind that the Maui Jim Gorge Downwind Champs is a fundraiser for Rivers for Change. So, enjoy the beer and silent auction.

Boat storage / Bus ride to Race start

It truly pains us to do this, but it is simply impossible to provide these services to all 500 participants (Laws of Physics kick in). To weed out those that are not truly in need, we need to charge an extra small fee for two services.

  • Boat storage – $20 for onsite storage all week. 180 spots open – Please only take this option if you do not have car rack space. You cannot leave boats in yard at our new location overnight. (NOTE: if you rented a boat or pro sponsored you already have a spot)

  • Bus to race start - $15 will get you and your boat to the race start if you have no car. Drivers will make 2 trips. Early and late. 120 spots total.

  • Status Quo – after the race. Busses will take PEOPLE ONLY back to race start to grab their cars.

Add these on Paddle Guru if you need. Once they are gone… They are gone.

Moving Locations

We are absolutely stoked to announce that final permits for our new location at Water Front Park have been approved. Check out new site layout here. (link to our website maps section)

Junior USA Surfski National Team Qualifier

Had to sort a few items out once it became clear that the Maui Jim Gorge Downwind Champs was going to be the USA surfski National team qualifier. Since some Juniors may elect to qualify for PRO prize money they will start with everybody else.

Junior divisions

  • 16 to 18

  • 19 to 23

Juniors (SKI, SUP, OC) will race the full course – Identical to how World championships is held. IE, worlds does not have a short or easy course for juniors….

Juniors have 2 choices.

  • For Free entry – They need to a submit a 1 page essay of their involvement in the sport and future ambitions, include full bio and photos. Must be emailed to us at no later than July 1st. We will refund any juniors that has already paid. Free entries will not qualify for PRO prize money

  • Paid entry – Juniors can qualify for pro prize money. No essay required.

All – remember, it is impossible to make decisions that all 500 people are stoked about. But we are giving it all and encourage all feedback!!!

Major thanks from the entire Staff

See you in July.

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