All 2020 Entrants will get a registration Email by 4/12

Open registration will start on May 1st if spots left

Full 6 day Downwind Festival.

Note: Each person in a double must enter.


For New 2021 Entrants

$200 entry + CC processing fees

  • Boat Storage now included for all << You must bring your own pads and straps >>

  • Race Day Shuttle to Start Purchased separately. 84 spots available ($15)

    • Note: Non race day shuttles are included with entry.

    • Note: There is only enough time before the race for each bus to make 1 trip, hence the limit. While this is an easy option, we have yet to hear of anybody not able to make the race start. Lots of people going. Make friends during the week.

Included with Entry

  • Boat storage (500+ spots. first come first serve)

  • Mon - Downwind Shuttles

  • Tue - Downwind Shuttles

  • Wed - Downwind Shuttles - Hero's dinner - Demo Day - LIVE MUSIC

  • Thu - Downwind Shuttles (potential race day - Awards banquet Meal)  - LIVE MUSIC

  • Fri - Downwind Shuttles (potential race day - Awards banquet Meal) - LIVE MUSIC

  • Sat - Downwind Shuttles (potential race day - Awards banquet Meal)

 The Gorge Downwind Champs is a private event and has the right to refuse anybody service as well as refund and remove any participant from the event for disorderly, unsafe or un-sportspersons like conduct at the event. Grievances can be filed against a participant to determine if the behavior was disorderly, unsafe or un-sportspersons like with the race director and will be decided by a ruling committee. Anybody removed from the event will at minimum be banned from the next year and potentially banned for life from entering the Gorge Downwind Champs or any race organized by the Gorge Downwind Champs team. 

The Gorge Downwind Champs is a NFP fund raiser and ran mostly by volunteers. Any issues with volunteers needs to be brought up with the race director and not directly with the volunteers.  Remember they are not getting paid and giving up their time to make your enjoyment possible. Any attempt to settle disputes or arguments directly with volunteers will likely result in removal from the event as well as future bans.  This includes engaging directly with our ruling committee regarding complaints or appeals, rude or disrespectful behavior towards volunteers  and not following volunteer instructions as related to the event.

Contact us via the Contact page to file complaints or appeals. Once contacted thru the website, we will send you out the necessary paperwork to proceed.

The Full Sail beer garden will be set up daily at race HQ


  • 10 for $20

  • 3 for $10 

  • 1 for $5

All extra meal tickets must be purchased with registration. Includes 2 meals.


  • Wednesday night Hero's Dinner 

  • Awards Banquet Dinner (Thursday, Friday or Saturday)