Alder Creek - Your one stop shop - only 5 Outrigger spots open before SOLD OUT.

In 2016 Alder Creek stepped up to the plate and saved our bacon by sponsoring us with 4 trailers after we had some difficulties. THANK YOU!!! Guess what, they are at it again. In 2017, Alder Creek will again be sponsoring our Trailers. On top of that it's likely they will be getting us our 5th bus/Trailer for the event!!!!

That's right. 5 buses for 2017. At the Gorge Downwind Champs, we are only happy if you downwind till you cannot move. Anything else is un-civilized and will not do.

Friends, Paddlers, Entrants, support the companies that make these events possible. Adler Creek is close by in Portland and your one stop shop for all your paddle sports and expedition needs.

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