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Ocean Paddle Sports container has arrived in the USA - Rental Ski's for the Gorge

Since the early 2000's Ocean Paddle Sports has been a pioneer for running and sponsoring world class paddle races in the USA. It is an absolute honor to have them back in 2017 for the Gorge Downwind Champs.

How much effort has OPS put into growing Paddle sports? Doing some quick back of the napkin math, over the past 3 years alone, the OPS team has driven upwards of 80 skis over 7000 miles to provide support and rentals for the Gorge Downwind Champs. If we toss in their involvement for the USA champs and other West Coast races, this number increase to well over over 500 rental and demo skis moved 30,000+ miles. To put this in perspective, this is over 4 trips from LA to NY and back carrying a trailer that would get loaded and unloaded in every major city along the way.

A new OPS container has just arrived. If you are in need of gear, check them out today while supplies last.

- Fenn - Carbonology - Orka - Vaikobi - REVO - Jantex - and many more

Still need a ski for the Gorge? Contact OPS asap. They will sell out soon.

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