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NELO Joins the team - Ski limit raised to 250. Training plans and packages by Michele Eray / Paddle

NELO Surfskis joins the team and raises the limit to 250 Skis. The Gorge Downwind Champs now has support from all the major ski manufactures. Nelo, Fenn/OPS, Think, Epic, Huki and Stellar.

The Perth Doctor set the bar in 2016 with 245 single skis as the largest race in the world series. As I type this, the Gorge Downwind Champs is at 230 single ski entrants... And its only January. Don't miss out. Get signed up today before all spots are gone. The 250 limit will be firm unless additional Surfski Specific sponsors are added to the roster. Spread the word and feel free to have them reach out to our team.

Are you looking to up your game in 2017? A single coach sent a sprint paddler to the Olympics in 2016 and she is now open for business. Check out Michele Eray and Paddle California today!!

Also coming soon from Paddle California

  • Gorge Downwind Champs Specific Training Programs

  • Event Week Clinics, Group and one on one

  • Nelo Rentals

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