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2017 Surfski World Series Title Race

Early Registration Status

  • All early registration discounts end Nov 1st

  • Surfski - Early reg discounts sold out - Regular entry applies. (89 of 200 spots open)

  • OC - 13 of 50 early reg discounts open

  • SUP - 35 of 50 early reg discounts open

Big news for 2017 The Gorge Downwind Champs has been named one of 5 global Surfski Title Races. This is a big deal and mandates we escalate the event to an entirely new level of professionalism. The Gorge v2.0 has arrived.

But what if I paddle SUP or Outrigger? - Get ready to reap the benefits. All the Title Race mandates will also be extended to the SUP and Outriggers divisions (such as live coverage, Media boats to follow the race, deeper payouts and much more)

Other Changes for 2017

  • There will still be a 3 day race window of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There however will be no target date. A local wind expert will be picking the date for us. Race Date will be called by 10am the day before. (IE: If the race is to be Saturday, it will be announced by 10am Friday)

  • The Full Sail Beer garden will be upgraded to the Downwind Village.

  • All events (registrations, awards, dinners, shuttles......) will take place at the downwind village

  • Food trucks all days

  • More Buses - 5 on reserve with anticipation of sellout at 450 entrants.

  • Awards will be an hour after the race finishes regardless of what day it is held. You must attend the ceremony to receive cash or product awards.

  • Potential new location at Water Front Park in Hood River.

  • Junior World Downwind Champs - (separate race held during the week. Details coming soon

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