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2016 Sellout Possible - Coast Guard permit 300 max on the water.

The Gorge Downwind Champs - July 18th thru July 23rd 2016 - is a week long downwind SUP, OC and SURFSKI Carnival including 4 days of shuttles, 2 major $$$ races and much more. Come for the full week, or just the Main events Thursday the 21st thru 23rd.

Friends, it’s hard to believe that this is even possible in just the second year of the Gorge Downwind Champs, but a 2016 sellout is possible. Our Coast Guard Permit is for 300 people Max on the river.

In 2015, our inaugural year, we had 43 people registered with only a month left before race day. By Race day, this number was up to 126 entrants. A 3x increase.

in 2016, we are at 130ish entrants as I type with more than 2 months till race day still. If the same 3x balloon of entrants occurs, we will hit our Coast Guard Limit. Sadly, for 2016 this is a hard stopping point. We will take entrants in all divisions till 290 is hit. 10 spots will be saved for internationals. We will solve this issue in 2017 and make sure our permits cover selling out each division at 150 participants each increasing max to 450.

Please Share and spread the word.

Major thanks to all our sponsors.

- Maui Jim

- Full Sail Brewery

- Rivers For Change

- Motionize

- PaddleMe Sportswear

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