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Vaikobi joins the party

Vaikobi got word the the fastest growing downwind paddling event on the planet is targeted for July 18th thru the 23rd 2016 in Hood River Oregon and refused to be left out of the fun. Come for the full week and enjoy the downwind shuttles and Full Sail Beer Garden or just the main world cup events Thursday 21st thru Saturday the 23rd. SUP, SURFSKI and OC all invited.

Vaikobi has joined the team both financial, making the large cash prizes for SUP, OC and Surfski possible, as well as donating over $1000 in product for the Rivers For Change Charity Auction and age group prizes. 3 of each of the below products will be available at the awards banquet. Without Question, Vaikobi has proven over and over that they are 100% committed to growing water sports around the globe. Support the companies that support you!!

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