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Need racks on your vacation? SUP - OC - Surfski - MALONE has the solution

If you are flying into the Gorge (or any vacation) and renting a car, Malone has you covered. The HandiRacks travel with you and setup safely on any car with doors without damaging it. I was introduced to this product by a friend in 2012 and was absolutely floored with how well it performed. In the Gorge, you are often driving into a 30+mph head wind when running your shuttle. With the HandiRack + Bow tie, I was not once concerned for one moment for my gear. We were able to fit 2 surfski's daily on our rental vehicle without any concerns or hassle.

We STRONGLY recommend this product if you are flying into the Gorge and renting a car. The Gorge offers endless paddling opportunities. Everything from the famous downwinds up and down the corridor to mountain lakes and rivers. Don't miss out because your SUP, OC or Surfski is stuck at race HQ all week. Amazon link here

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