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Gorge Downwind Champs - What to expect. $$ Cash Payouts - SUP's, Outriggers, Surfskis - July 18t

Have quesitons about what the Gorge offers for downwind paddling? Take a few moments to listent to this. This amazing radio broadcast covers it all. Absolutly worth your time.

In 2016 there will be large $$$ and equal cash payouts for SUP, OUTRIGGERS and SURFSKIS based on number of entrants per divisions. Don't be the person who heard about it too late.

Inluded with your Entry

- Monday - Downwind Shuttles

- Tuesday - Downwind Shutttles

- Wednesday - Downwind Shuttles, - Pre Race Dinner

- Thursday - Downwind Shuttles

- Friday - World Cup Race (SUP's, OUTRIGGERS, SURFSKIs) - Race Dinner Banquet

- Saturday - Team Race - Pizza Party.

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