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Surfski Kauai / MOCKE Hotspot - Now $800 ($400 for Male - Female)

MOCKE Paddling has once again proven them selvels as a world leader in the promotion of paddle sports. They have Trippled their Prize and Rivers For Change Fundraiser Aucton donations for 2016 as well as made it possibe for us to up the SURFSKI KAUAI / MOCKE hotspot from $500 ($250 Male/Female) up to $800 ($400 Male/Female).

In addition, 100's of MOCKE stickers will be given out all weekend by the race staff.

- Check MOCKE Paddling out today

- MOCKE products can be purchased in the USA from Ocean Paddle Sports ( and other fine retailers.

We are activly looking for SUP and OUTRIGGER hotspot sponsors - Contact us today!


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