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PaddleGuru - Amazing - Cohesive

Wanted to give a fast call out to our friends at PaddleGuru. They have truly steped up to the plate with deleivering both a cohesive and simple solution for one and done race management.

How does it work? Here is an example.

The Gorge Downwind Champs is sending a delegiate to 3 races, 3 weeks, all back to back to back. Registering took less than 1 minute via PaddleGuru.

1) Bob Hanna Classic -

2) Return to the Pier -

3) Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge -

Since all the races are using PaddleGuru, we simply searched for the following key words. "Hanna" - 10 second register. "Pier" - 10 second register. "Huki" - 10 second register. DONE!

PaddleGuru was designed and built ground up by dedicated paddlers who know what is needed to make this process as smooth as it can be. In addition, it is amazing to have such a rich libary of races to serach thru. Get on there today and check out what is happening in your area. You will be shocked at some of the events you are missing out on.

Gorge Downwind Champs Registration Here -


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