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FENN Kayaks doubles up with Ocean Paddle Sports

So how big is the Gorge Downwind Champs? FENN Kayaks was so impressed with the hype from 2015 that they teamed up with Ocean Paddle Sports to double their 2016 contribution. With FENN on board now, every single major surfski vendor except NELO kayaks will be represented in 2016. (Fenn/OPS, Huki, Stellar, Think, Epic)

Check out Fenn Sportswear and Fenn Kayaks today!! Most products sold at Ocean Paddle Sports and shipped around the USA. Its time to get rid of that old white tight fitting Craft shirt and start looking good with Fenn Sportswear and Kayaks today.

Also check out our Primer Sponsors today. They are making the Gorge Downwind Champs happen!

Maui Jim -

Full Sail Brewery -


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