Gorge Downwind Champs

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Gorge Downwind Champs

About the Gorge downwind Championship  (Every year but 2020.  NOTE. we are not going to update this entire site for 2020. See above.  All pages here except the above have the non Global Pandemic version of the Champs. If you were signed up for 2020, you will be getting detailed emails. For the rest of you. we hope to get back to what this site describes in 2021)

is a week-long festival of downwind paddling held annually in the Columbia River Gorge which is conveniently located 1 hour from Portland Oregon. The main solo event will be held  either Thurs, Fri or Saturday based on best wind. 


Participants must arrive Wednesday night or early Thursday AM to ensure they do not miss the main event. There are divisions for OUTRIGGERSs, SUPs and SURFSKIs. The Gorge Downwind Champs does not favor or cater to any one craft and prize $$ payout is equal between the craft types based on percentage of a specific craft to total entrants at the Gorge Downwind Champs.


Consistent summer winds, Simple fast shuttles, variable terrain from insane to beginner, hot temps and fresh water make it one of the top downwind locations on the planet. It is no accident the Columbia River Gorge is already the #1 wind surfing and kite boarding destination in the world.


Included with your entry are 5 days of downwind shuttles limited by only your time and endurance, 2 meals, a the Gorge Downwind Champs race. In addition, SUP, Outrigger and Surfski pros from around the world will be having skill clinics all week long. If your ambition is to do as many downwinds as possible in a week, or to refine your skills, the Columbia River Gorge cannot be beat.


Outside of the event there are endless other opportunities for world class family fun including horseback riding, cycling on and off road, downhill skiing in July, hiking, white water rafting, fishing, mountain climbing, vineyards, micro brews, windsurfing, kite boarding, hot air balloons, zip lines and a lot more.


Schedule of Events (all included with your entry)


  • Mon - Downwind Shuttles / Beer Garden

  • Tue - Downwind Shuttles / Beer Garden

  • Wed - Downwind Shuttles / Demo Day / Hero's Dinner

  • Thu - Downwind Shuttles / Beer Garden (potential Race Day / Awards dinner)

  • Fri - Downwind Shuttles / Beer Garden (potential Race Day / Awards dinner)

  • Sat - Downwind Shuttles / Beer Garden (potential Race Day / Awards dinner)


3 day wind window for World Cup Solo Race - Thr , Fri or Sat.