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Outrigger surf clinics - Anna Mathisen

This is an amazing opportunity that folks on the mainland will not want to miss out on. Check out Paddle Hawaii Outrigger Camps today to sign up. All clinic signups are done directly thru the coaches.


Want to go faster without having to work so hard? Ever wondered why some people surf past you effortlessly? Surfing skills take years to build, and attending a clinic is a short cut in getting there.

Join me at the Gorge Downwind Champs festival of paddling for downwind surf clinics.

Build on your skill set so you can race smarter, faster, and have more fun. You’ll get better at choosing when to power up and when to relax. You’ll start to feel the waves more, and learn to judge what to go after.

I’ll help you feel certain about the skills you need to spend time on, and determine what training you need to focus on to get the most out of every session you spend on the water so that you are trained to surf.

We’ll break down the skills you need as an athlete, and the skills you need to surf. You’ll go home with specific drills and new training ideas to add to your program. It’s both a mental and a physical approach.

I did not grow up outrigger paddling. My first races in Hawaii I came in last or nearly last. I had to learn to surf. I had to learn to train. I developed my skills by reaching out to other paddlers, working with a trainer, finding coaching wherever I could and diving deep into figuring out how to surf and how to train. Now I’m teaching you what I worked hard for.

To read more about Hawaii Paddle Camps please visit

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