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Saturday | Gorge Downwind Champs

  • ​Because of the 3-day wind window for the main event, there is a possibility that the Sat team even will be canceled if the main event is held Saturday.

  • Because of this, the fun Sat team race by design is meant to be an ad-hoc throw together event for the sole purpose of meeting paddlers from around the world.

  • The wind window trumps so we simply cannot make priority focus here.

  • The Sat Team event if held will be staged from the beach near the Full Sail Beer Garden. It will consist of 3 laps to be anounced on race day.

  • There are no limits or restrictions to how teams are put together.

  • However, only Waterman teams (SUP, OC, SKI) will be fighting for the Glorious “Maui Jim Waterman Driftwood Club of the Champions”. It is quite possible that this may become the most coveted award of the entire weekend.

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