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Prize | Gorge Downwind Champs

Craft Types

Prize money will be awarded for the following crafts types, male and female.


  • Surfski (single)

  • OC1

  • SUP 14 (or shorter)

Professional Payout 

Total amount paid out to the pros is based on Number of craft type and Sponsor Contribution per Craft. The Professional winners will be removed from the age groups.

NOTE: current there are no SUP sponsors. Unless this changes, there will be no SUP payout in 2019. We are actively seeking spoors to help cover this division.


  • The top athletes (male / female) of each craft type above will automatically be designated as Professional

Age Groups.

  • 18 and Under

  • 19 to 39,

  • 40 to 49

  • 50 to 59​

  • 60 to 69


Note: Contestants that quality for Professional awards will be removed from the Age-Groups.  (IE you can only win Professional, or Age-Group, not both. This allows for better distribution of prizes. No “winner takes all”.)

Fun Product from our sponsors Below

Columbia Gorge Wind and Water Association - NFP Live Auction Items - 6:00 PM Wednesday at the Stage / Downwind Village


EPIC V7 Surfski – MSRP - $1500 An elegant but incredibly durable craft the V7 is a thinly disguised ice breaker dressed up in a surfski outfit. At 17’, this rotomolded beauty is loaded with all the ergonomics expected in an Epic surfski. Load the hatch with provisions for a quickie expedition, take it down a shallow rocky river – it will break the rocks if you hit one! As stable as a sea kayak, but twice as fast and 10 times more fun. It’s 10 tons of fun! Proven safe for use by teenagers, and other known boat abusers. Make this your first surfski, or a second one for your wife, or mother-in-law. The V7 is a no-brainer entry-level boat. THANK YOU EPIC KAYAKS!


Lip Sunglasses – MSRP $218 - Typhoon - PC polarized lenses by ZEISS. Double Vortex vent system to counteract fogging and reduce heat – This is Lip Sunglasses Premium offering.


Puakea OC6 Paddle – MSRP $350 - Handmade wood shaft and assembled in California.


Palafamala (x2) – MSRP $350 - Designed by Cameron in Hawaii, Produced by Ozone – 59 ½ Hybrid Double bend. Ultra light. Finished to perfection


Epic Mid Wing – MSRP - $450 The paddle that created Legends! Epic’s original blade, designed by Greg Barton, two-timing Olympic Gold medalist. 200-210cm full carbon vintage burgundy shaft. Just gets better with age.


Think Powerwing – MSRP $369 Full Carbon, 208 – 218. A small blade with a powerful Catch. Easy to turn over but delivers high end speed when needed.


Stellar Pro Wing Small – MSRP $450 - Full Carbon – The next generation of Stellar Paddles aimed at performance and durability. This is arguably the lightest paddle on the market as used by Ian Back of Stellar Kayak & Mocke Ocean Gear.


Gara Odin Full Carbon with Cover MSRP / $399 Endorsed by World champion time Hank McGregor – Odin 207 to 217 Adjustable shaft, Ultralight with paddle bag. Dark Green Shaft.

Nelo USA  - Knysna paddle. MSRP $325 Two spoons on the end of a stick. Cuts through the bullshit!! 205 to 215

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