Jul 12, 2017

Stellar SEL Excel G1 for Sale - $2000 USD


Edited: Jul 12, 2017



I will be at the Gorge for the Downwind Champs with this boat for sale. If anyone is interested give me a shout - 1-250-898-1088


This is a fast, light surfski. Comparable in speed to the elite models from major brands, but with a sense of stability that will bring your abilities to the next level. The Excel (carbon/kevlar) layup offers a very strong and rigid construction that will an offer responsiveness and acceleration that will put a grin on your face sprinting on flat water or surfing a downwind swell.

One thing that everyone who paddles this boat loves is that it feels stable but incredibly responsive. Very close to the Epic V-12 in speed, and easy to find a confident center of balance. The primary stability is notable, but nimble. What offers total confidence in this boat is a bomb-proof secondary stability that can bounce you right back to center when you need it.

This is probably not a boat for a beginner, but an ideal boat for a fast learner who wants something to grow into or an experienced paddler looking affordable performance and some piece of mind stability in the big stuff.

"Why are you selling it if you love it so much?" you ask. Well I am an obsessive sort who now wants the next level boat for ocean racing - you know, lighter, faster, more expensive. Unfortunately two boats isn't in the family budget.

Let me know if you want to have a look.

Review: http://www.surfskiracing.org/2011/09/new-model-stellar-elite-low-volumesel/

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