Nov 3, 2017

Looking for a bed


Coming over from New Zealand for the Gorge Champs. I have the entry in boat secured now just looking for a bed. Anyone out there with a spare bed in a house close by? I am a friendly 54 year old Kiwi with clean habits. Coming over for some down winds and to enjoy the race. (not coming to win though will be paddling hard) I enjoy a beer and good food. If you have something please letme know.



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  • One Epic surf rudder. Fits V10 and V12. $40.00 One Think Ion surf rudder. $40.00 The Epic is a spare so I don't need it and I no longer have the Ion so I don't need it either. Will be at the Gorge 7/15/2018 thru 7/22/2018 Call 805-794-0411 Bruce
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