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Pro Clinics | Gorge Downwind Champs

All clinics are ran by professionals who do this for a living.  Contact them directly thru their websites to sign up for clinics at the Gorge Downwind Champs.  All the banners below will link you thru to their websites. Spots limited. Contacts the coaches today!


Dawid Mocke  <-- Click here ASAP to get signed up

Since starting the first Surfski School in 2002, Dawid has made it his mission (and profession) to share and teach everything he knows and has learnt about ocean paddling.  Now you have the opportunity to draw and learn from his extensive knowledge and base of experience to improve and further your paddling.

Dawid’s coaching workshops are extensive, in-depth and interactive.  You can expect to cover topics such as: The Absolutely Need To Know Skills; All Commonly Made Mistakes and how to avoid them; How to Rapidly improve your Ability; Technique Explained in Simple Terms; How to improve and advance your Downwind Paddling.

In Downwind specific workshops you can expect to cover topics such as:  the basic pillars of downwind paddling to finding the runs; from specific skill enhancing downwind drills to advanced racing tips; from stroke correction to paddle choice, length and angle; from boat choice to the perfect boat set-up; and from nutrition to the paddler’s ‘mind’.

Dawid’s coaching sessions are aimed at helping you improve immediately and set a foundation for continued future improvement.

Teneale Hatton 

6x World Champion Teneale Hatton joins Paddle Monster as Surfski and Kayak Coach.

Wilmington, NC, USA — Paddle Monster, Inc. has added six-time World Champion, Teneale Hatton as Head Paddle Coach for Surfski and Kayak Training at 

Coach Hatton will be specializing in surfski and kayak technique and training and will be coaching a select group of paddlers online through and the Paddle Monster app for the upcoming 2017 season and beyond.

"I am super stoked to be a part of such an awesome group of people and excited to meet more of the paddling community,” says Hatton. "Paddle Monster is a great way to have your own personal coach and to be a part of a larger paddling community.”

Full Info here at Paddle Monster

Michele Eray with Paddle California will be giving Clinics all week. Email her today to sign up!!  Michele Eray - Email

Oscar Chalupsky <--- Email Oscar to get signed up.

Ivan Lawler <--- Paddle Guru Sign up.

Title: Technique clinic with Ivan Lawler
Price $80

Session will be land based with a group of 10-12 max and will cover

Fundamentals of forward paddling
Individual Technique analysis
Optional informal water based session

The video showing Ivans
teaching of technique has had 65,000 views in just over a year making it
one of the most viewed technique videos on You Tube. Ivan will be giving
live instruction at the Gorge for those who want refreshers from the video
and for those who want to learn the most crucial aspect of paddle sport.
Himself a world champion and Olympian, albeit a long time ago, Ivan now
coaches at his club in the UK and is regularly booked to give his technique

Session will last approximately 2 hrs but can be extended if the group feel
they need more! (Or shorter if they have lost the will to live!)

Epic Kayaks /  Ryan Paroz






Catch a downwind run with Ryan on the super fun/super stable Epic V8 Double! (!


WHEN: Tuesday July 17, and Wednesday July 18


Paddle with a pro athlete who will steer the double and help coach you on downwind technique, how to surf bumps, what to look for, and how to maximize your fun in one of the nature’s greatest downwind playgrounds – the Columbia River Gorge! Paddling a double ski is one of the best ways to learn downwind technique – and it’s a blast!


Two clinics available each day. We will take the shuttle to Viento State Park and ride the wind back to the Downwind Village.


Cost: $100


To sign up, email

Rachel Clarke


To sign up, email


Rachel Clark <-- Click here


Gorge Performance /  Stoke on the water - PRO? Beginner? - This is your one stop shop for




Board Rental info:

SUP DW clinics:

featuring guest coach: SIC Team Rider Livio Menelau

1. $500 - includes 1 DW Prep Class & 2 runs, or 3 DW runs
2. $95 - DW Prep Class only
3. $250 - Single DW run

**** Contact Gorge Performance or Stoke on the Water for more info and package Deals ****

Outrigger Canoe

Kai Bartlett   <<<< SOLD OUT >>>>>

Anna Mathisen <--- Email Anna for more info

Sharpen up your race and surf skills at a clinic with Anna Mathisen at the Gorge Downwind Champs!

While its true that surfing skills take years to build, attending a clinic is a short cut to getting you where you want to be.  Build on your skill set so you can race smarter, faster, and have more fun. You’ll get better at deciding when to power up and when to relax. You’ll start to feel the waves more, and learn to judge what to go after. We will spend time talking about what to look for, and do a downwind run so you can feel and see it yourself.

We’ll break down the skill set you need as a paddler, especially focusing on the skills you need to surf. You’ll go home with new training ideas to add to your training program so you can continue to build your ability in your own training sessions.

Here are the clinic details:

I will be running clinics in the afternoon on

Monday July 13 

Tuesday July 14 

Wednesday July 15 

Thursday July 16 (If the race is held Thursday, then the clinic will run Friday)


Follow this link for more info

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